Workshops and Private Tuition

After five years of dedicated studies with Naka Akira sensei, Odys has been endorsed to teach basic Nakastyle. As part of the Nakastyle Study Group of DMV, we offer dedicated educational curriculum from the ground up to develop hard skills (technique) and soft skills (communication, session progression, “the why”) in traditional Japanese Kinabalu with a focus on Nakastyle semenawa. 

Our educational program begins with the Prep workshop. The Prep workshop focuses on fundamental shibari techniques as well as consideration for rope bondage safety. Following, the Prep we offer the Gote workshop. The Gote workshop focuses on detailed study of the iconic two-rope Nakastyle gote shibari. Finally, we offer the Gote+ workshop, This workshop is focused on basic Nakasyle shapes to study specific aspects of Nakastyle the gote shibari Beyond these three workshops, students may opt for private tuition with Odys for individual progressive education. 

For details about our workshops, please see the respective sections, and follow our calendar to sign up. 

Semenawa Research Group Meetings (SRM)

The word “semenawa” has been tossed around in the rope bondage community with various expressions such as “being tied in semenewa”, “semenawa style”, “semenawa ties” The primary goal of SRMs is to uncover the meaning of semenawa by discussing how this tying style is not about rope technique or pattern, but rather about the intentional mutual journey that both partners embark upon as they tie. Every meeting would be focused on specific topic The discussion about these topics would be typically followed by two tying demos that would emphasize the individual nature of a semenawa experience. We aim to have monthly SRMs

The unique and intimate nature of this meeting would allow participants to discuss, observe and ask questions throughout the meeting, as well as taking photos from various vantage points during tying demos. Upon the completion of the demo sessions, the attendees may share their photos to be discussed and gain additional insights into dynamism and aesthetic of Nakastyle semenawa.

Please see our calendar to register for the upcoming SRM.