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What is KinbakuOdyssey?

Bondage Studio

KinbakuOdyssey is a bondage studio in the United States, created to practice the Japanese bondage art known as kinbaku. The space and ambiance is inspired by Naka Akira's bondage space in Tokyo, who Odys has studied under for 6 years.

Rigger Odys

Odys (オディス) is a kinbaku artist and educator who discovered the beauty of rope bondage seven years ago and have been deeply dedicated to it ever since.

Rope Education

KinbakuOdyssey offers group workshops and 1-on-1 classes from beginner level to advanced, focused on traditional Japanese rope bondage in Naka style.


The Mountain Ahead of Us

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A few years ago, my partner and I split up.  She was my rope bottom, and the situation left me full of emptiness and grief.  As I processed my grief,…

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