What is KinbakuOdyssey Studio (放浪緊縛)?

Founded in 2017, KinbakuOdyssey is a photography studio that is designed for traditional kinbaku scene videos and photoshoots. It is a reconstruction of a small traditional Japanese room (Washitsu). The KinbakuOdyssey logo means hōrō Kinbaku (放浪緊縛) in Japanese, which translates to wandering or searching. This reflects the essence of the journey of discovering your intent in bondage…

Who is Odys?

Odys (オディス) is a kinbaku artist and educator who discovered the beauty of rope bondage seven years ago and have been deeply dedicated to it ever since. Initially inspired by the traditional Japanese style bondage through the Art of Akira Naka’s Semenawa, and by Yukimura Haruki, Odys has attended workshops with many world class presenters to find his path.

In 2016, Odys had the privilege of meeting Naka Akira at a Baltimore workshop and subsequently traveled to Tokyo over the last six years to study exclusively with his teacher Naka san.

In 2017, Odys created KinbakuOdyssey Studio, where he continues to fully immerse himself into the art of kinbaku.

In 2018, Odys had become a member of Nawa Naka Kai, a rope group created by Naka Akira.

In 2022, Naka Akira sensei introduced Odys as his student in Tokyo, Japan, as well as endorsed him to teach basic Nakastyle.

To Odys, kinbaku is a connective journey expressed through emotional transitions, evoked by progressive torment and power exchange. Each rope represents the catch and release of control. With each rope, Odys takes his partners on a journey of self discovery, exposing what they secretly crave. Odys’s unique expression of sensually erotic semenawa evokes sensations of pleasure and torment, ultimately pushing his partners to reveal their inner feelings and emotions to him.

Odys’s rope activity resume can be found here.